Friday, April 4, 2008

I am terminally juvenile!

I think this blog is the right one to receive my latest project!

My recent project Picture This!: Algorithmic film assembly using toy gestures
What is it? A new input device embedded in children’s toys for video composition.
A new form of interaction for children’s capturing of storytelling with physical artifacts.
What does it do? Children craft videos with and about character toys as the system analyzes their gestures and play patterns. As they play with the toys, they conduct film assembly.
Research in human computer interaction I propose a new genre of Gesture Object Interfaces. It relies on the analysis of gestures coupled with objects to represent bits.

Picture This! Project by Cati Vaucelle

Picture This! Project by Cati Vaucelle

Research project I created at the MIT Media Laboratory at the Tangible Media Group with my adviser Dr. Hiroshi Ishii.

Check out the Picture This! web site !

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