Monday, June 30, 2008

Toy canvas

This summer I am doing Yard Sales. I found great vintage toys that I will post soon. But most importantly, I found a kit on how to make your own finger puppets!!! It is funny to think that we need a "kit" in order to make something that simple. But it is true that a self contained box with felt, sticker eyes and pens make things so much easier! At least, it invites to start something.

I also found on the web this new DIY (do it yourself) plush toy for ... artists only. The canvas shape has changed these days, and repetitively takes the form of a Ninja toy. I find the toy-canvas fun, but not that inspiring. Nothing less inviting to create than a white plush silhouette. I guess having a silhouette to depart from brings the artist into decoration mode. I wish the results will explode the toy shape itself and reinvent the shape or something ...

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ The Terminally Juvenile
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