Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eco friendly toys

Theme Magazine presents the Plantoys-toys are simple, constructive and ... made of wood. A real come back to our grand parents' toys. I like the magazine's thoughts on toys: toys used to be for kids, but now you’ve got people well into their thirties playing X-Box and Gameboy. Toy companies have sadly taken a cue from our extended adolescences by releasing bewildering children’s toys that often look more like adult accoutrements in primary colors: Baby’s first cell phone! Baby’s first DVD player! Baby’s first digital camera! The buttons are bigger, so it’s for kids! In contrast, Thailand’s PlanToys is a calming oasis in this cacophony of wires and plastic. Its return to toy basics—educational, functional and beautiful—is a welcome departure from the general trend of the complicated and disposable. And their toys are actually made of, get this, wood. Not just any wood, but wood from rubber trees that have ceased to yield latex and would normally be destroyed.

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ The Terminally Juvenile
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