Thursday, March 13, 2008

The juvenile spirit of fashion

How did Alexander McQueen end up working with Puma on a new line of shoes? How did John Maeda decide to collaborate with Reebok? Why does mass customization, the new frontier in business competition in 1995, appear to only have started in 2007 in the fashion industry? I always find fascinating how marketing converges with fashion and how designers always have a very passionate discourse about it.

A stylist shoe by Alexander McQueen & Puma

All these questions are attractive to me, I read on business, fashion, trendy blogs, but the answer is that it exists a specific process from conceptualizing a piece of clothing to distributing and branding a new category of product.

"There are professionals involved at every step - from conception to production to retail - making the fashion industry full of interesting and well-paid career opportunities for people with an interest in style. On the creative side, for example, you can make your mark as a patternmaker, assistant clothing or accessories designer, fashion illustrator, or style editor. The business side includes jobs such as fashion or apparel buyer, visual merchandiser, fashion coordinator, and merchandise manager." - Fashion school finder

I found a fashion catalog that regroups the fashion schools all across the US, e.g. fashion schools in California, fashion schools in Los Angeles, in New York... It presents the history of fashion with bios of fashion designers, the various careers in fashion as well as some featured fashion articles. A great resource if you are into fashion and are trying to make sense of the field.

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